Bookland is a used bookstore that buys and sells quality used books in Kingston, Ontario.  Contact us now! 


Bookland opened in 1988 on a wing and a prayer, a small stock of books and a large stock of, perhaps, naive optimism. Fortunately the optimism was well-founded and not only are we still here, but we still have as a loyal customer the first person who walked through the door all those years ago. In those days half the store was devoted to comic books, which were very popular and brought in a large number of young people, many of whom used to draw or paint artwork to display on our walls. And although today the store has evolved to selling mostly books and the comics are mostly gone, much of that artwork remains on the walls and many of those young people have grown up, have kids of their own, and still come in to visit.

There's something about the kind of people who love to read and who love books that has made this the most pleasant business to be in, and we're thankful to all of them. Come in and visit sometime, you don't have to buy a book you can just sit and chat and hopefully be pleasantly surprised. 

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